Past events

Microwave and Radar Week 2024

A biennial microwave and radar event in Central and Eastern Europe since 2004.

The 11th MICROWAVE & RADAR WEEK is the continuation of the series of very successful conferences in Warsaw (2004), Krakow (2006), Wroclaw (2008), Vilnius (2010), Warsaw (2012), Gdansk (2014), Krakow (2016), Poznan (2018), Warsaw (2020) and in Gdansk(2022).

The 11th Microwave and Radar Week MRW-2024 comes to Wroclaw, Poland. The event comprises of two parallel conferences: MIKON-2024 (25th International Microwave and Radar Conference) and IRS-2024 (International Radar Symposium).

The Signal Processing Symposium is a biannual international conference that brings students, researchers, and scientists representing a broad spectrum of computer science and radioelectronics disciplines to present their latest findings and to discuss new trends shaping future research directions in science and technology. After 20 years since its first edition in 2003, SPSympo has become a well-established and excellent forum for active participation in workshops, lectures, and scientific discussions in technical and evening sessions.

The 10th Microwave & Radar Week was a continuation of a series of very successful conferences held in Warsaw (2004), Krakow (2006), Wroclaw (2008), Vilnius (2010), Warsaw (2012), Gdansk (2014), Krakow (2016), Poznan (2018), and Warsaw (2020).

The 10th Microwave and Radar Week MRW-2022 took place in Gdansk, Poland.

This time, the event comprised two parallel conferences:

  • MIKON-2022: The 24th International Microwave and Radar Conference
  • IRS-2022: International Radar Symposium

The MRW2022 event was held in a hybrid manner. The hope was that the pandemic situation would allow for an on-site meeting in the beautiful city of GdaƄsk, but the possibility of virtual participation was also provided for those who could not attend in person.